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Entirely different from the North-eastern United States, or the South, the American West offers pleasures all its own. The West, indeed California and Nevada alone, offer experiences as diverse as glamorous Las Vegas and eternally charming San Francisco, while the Grand Canyon lies Newmarket Holidayswaiting in all its majestic glory. In Southern California there are miles and miles of glorious beaches beside which star-studded Los Angeles waits to be discovered as does scenic San Diego. In one region, travellers can enjoy magnificent landscapes, natural wonders and great cities. Moreover, each city on this journey has its own special character.

There are many different ways to explore the American West, but the itinerary planned by Newmarket Holidays for its escorted holiday to the region is notable for covering all the essential sights. The company is a specialist tour operator with over 30 years of experience. With that much experience comes a great deal of expertise in planning holidays that are comfortable, provide real value for customers’ money and take in all the essential sights.

The Newmarket Holidays journey to the American West starts out in San Francisco. San Francisco is a stunningly beautiful city known for its hills, combination of Victorian and modern architecture, and famous sights like Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge. The city also has a very famous Chinatown that is among the oldest and most active in North America. Meanwhile, the infamous prison island of Alcatraz awaits the curious, and cruises to Alcatraz are readily available. Travellers can choose to take a city tour to learn more about the city and enjoy a ride over the Golden Gate Bridge.

Travelling down the West Coast toward Los Angeles, home to Hollywood, travellers can enjoy remarkable views while stopping to explore places like Steinbeck’s Monterey, as well as the artists’ paradise of Carmel-by-the-Sea. From Los Angeles, travellers can easily go to picturesque and beautiful San Diego before going across the desert to Las Vegas. There are a few cities across the world that need no introduction, and Las Vegas is one of them. It is a city of spectacle, filled with themed casino hotels and spectacular shows. From there, travellers should not miss the Grand Canyon, an astonishing natural wonder that continues to leave visitors filled with awe and life-long memories.

Newmarket Holidays, Beatrix Potter and the Northern Belle

Newmarket HolidaysThe imagination of Beatrix Potter, captured in her beloved children’s books, is alive and well in the Lake District.  This guided daytrip aboard the luxurious Northern Belle train allows guests to experience the sophistication and charm of travel as it was during the Golden Age. Stunningly refurbished trains, fine dining and a chance to dress up combine to make an unforgettable Newmarket Holidays tour.

The Northern Belle

Since being placed in service in 2000, the Northern Belle has offered the ultimate in modish day excursions, combining 1930s-style craftsmanship with modern engineering. Both inside and out, the Belle features stunning details, such as wooden marquetry detailing, ceiling murals and gleaming brass fixtures. The train’s six dining cars, named after great British castles and stately homes, offer freshly prepared food each day.

Dining on the Go

While journeying through the spectacular British landscapes, passengers enjoy equally stunning gastronomic pleasures. Using only the best local produce, the Northern Belle’s chefs create fine meals every day. Start brunch with a Bellini,  followed by freshly baked selections from the Belle’s bakery and other breakfast items. Lunch and dinner served onboard feature seasonal fare from the provinces visited, and a bottle of wine or a glass of champagne round off these meals. Travellers taking afternoon tea will be able to try a selection of freshly baked scones and cakes, finger sandwiches, as well as tea, coffee and a glass of sparkling wine.

Beatrix Potter’s Hill Top Farm

This 17th-century farmhouse, full of Beatrix Potter’s favourite things, looks as though the author has just stepped out to the garden.  Approaching this quaint cottage is a charming garden of flowers, fruits, vegetables and herbs planted haphazardly, creating a cosy atmosphere all the way to the front door. Having purchased the beloved home in 1905 with the proceeds of her first book, ‘The Tale of Peter Rabbit’,  Potter used the  countryside, home and garden as her inspiration for the remainder of her children’s tales.

Booking with Newmarket Holidays

This and other day-trip holidays are some of Newmarket Holidays’ most popular tour choices. To visit Beatrix Potter’s farm on the Northern Belle, simply call the helpful Customer Service Team at Newmarket Holidays. This tour fulfills Newmarket Holidays’ goal of always providing its customers with excellent value in travel, as well as superior customer service. Visit its website today for more information.

Newmarket Holidays | Protecting Yourself While Travelling

Newmarket Holidays

Unless travelling in a group or as part of an arranged tour through an experienced and reputable tour operator, such as Newmarket Holidays, staying safe when travelling is very much the responsibility of each individual. Useful tips for remaining protected are as follows:

  • Opt for appropriate clothing. This has two meanings. On the one hand, it is important to wear clothing that will be comfortable and allow you to move about freely, but you must also be mindful to dress in a style that does not advertise your status as a non-local, as this can attract unwanted attention. Culturally, many countries require certain levels of coverage prior to entering places of religious worship, common sightseeing attractions. Being aware of this will prevent embarrassment.
  • Do not keep all your money in one place. It is a good idea to keep money in a number of places, such as in your wallet, tucked into socks and underwear or perhaps a concealed money belt. Should the worst happen, resulting in your wallet being lost, you will not be unable to provide for yourself.
  • If you are travelling as part of an arranged excursion, through an operator such as Newmarket Holidays, safety in numbers is built-in and a key part of protecting yourself whilst away from home. For those not booking with a travel consultancy, opting to holiday with a wider group is recommended.
  • Be sure to get all relevant vaccinations before embarking on a trip and allow a large amount of time for everything to be completed. Medical treatment abroad is not free, so valid insurance and appropriate immunisations are more than recommended.
  • Always carry copies of identification documents just in case the originals are misplaced, allowing for peace of mind and safe passage home in an emergency. Asking someone back at home to also keep copies may prevent any difficulties should you be required to present identification for any reason.
  • Be aware of local cuisine. Avoiding raw meats and fish, as well as untreated water, may prevent an unfortunate occurrence of food poisoning or illness. Though valid travel insurance will ensure that medical treatment is made available, it will not negate the discomfort or pain you may suffer.

Newmarket Holidays | Dream Holidays Can Be A Reality

The urge to travel is built into most individuals, whether it’s a natural desire to backpack through a remote or spiritual location or perhaps an inherent interest in exploring luxury destinations.

Newmarket Holidays

Exotic locations are generally considered to be ‘bucket list’ items, unlikely to become reality for many, especially those at the mercy of stringent budgets following periods of nationwide economic instability. Recognised tour operators, such as Newmarket Holidays, give customers access to impressive portfolios filled with dream holidays that are guaranteed to tick all the right boxes, but prior to selecting a holiday of a lifetime, a few points should be considered:

  • Cost. Thanks to technological advancements, access to last minute deals has become easier, making previously unaffordable destinations eminently more attainable. Clarifying the number of people in a group and the purpose of a holiday will assist a travel consultant in finding the best and most cost-effective deals possible.
  • Be protected. Many travel sites recommend paying for holiday essentials, such as flights, with a credit card as this offers protection should they be cancelled. Naturally, a responsible approach to paying the credit card balance is required.
  • Avoid high season. Though it can be difficult to negotiate, especially if there are children travelling with you, avoiding going on holiday during high season will save a lot of money. School holidays are widely noted as being some of the most expensive times to travel. By avoiding these, not only will your vacation be considerably more affordable, but locations will also be less crowded, allowing you to enjoy them more freely.
  • Do some research. Find out what activities are available in your chosen vacation area and the most interesting sights to visit. Being sure that there is more on offer than a nice view or clement weather will ensure that your dream holiday truly is an unforgettable experience.

With all these considerations in mind, the first step in booking any dream vacation is being honest with yourself and really identifying the place you have always wanted to visit. With a destination in mind, approaching a tour operator, such as Newmarket Holidays, with your requirements will be easier and far more successful.

Newmarket Holidays / UK Flower Show and Garden Tours

The poem ‘And did those feet in ancient time’ by William Blake, (best known as the anthem ‘Jerusalem’, set to music by Sir Hubert Parry in 1916), makes much reference to England’s ‘green and pleasant lands’. The English countryside has long been a national treasure, attracting visitors from miles around, and even overseas, wishing to experience the verdant rolling hills and pasture-land which make up a vast proportion of the country. With this history, there is no wonder that England hosts some of the most renowned flower shows and garden exhibits on the planet. Newmarket Holidays operate a series of coach tours across the UK each year, from the Eden Project to Alnwick and everywhere in between, providing travellers with the opportunity to check out some of the most spectacular flower displays and horticultural arrangements the world has ever seen.

Newmarket HolidaysThe Chelsea Flower Show and Kew Gardens trip offers customers the chance to view both the most famous flower show in the world and the Royal Botanic Gardens, which play host to myriad traditional and exotic displays year round. The tour includes full coach travel from a range of designated pick-up points across the UK, entry to the Chelsea Flower Show, overnight accommodation in a good-quality hotel in the Greater London area with continental breakfast, and a full day to spend exploring the lush beauty of the botanical gardens before returning home.

Entry to the gigantic ‘biomes’ of the Eden Project and the nearby Lost Gardens of Heligan is included in the Newmarket Holidays Torquay, Eden and Heligan trip, along with three nights’ dinner, bed and breakfast accommodation (with entertainment on at least one evening), coach travel throughout and a trip to Clarks Shopping Village in Street, all accompanied by an experienced tour manager, who will be on hand to answer any queries, provide information about each site and ensure the whole trip runs smoothly. The recreated ecosystems within the Eden Project allow visitors to experience a range of tropical and sub-tropical environments, which are unlike anything else which can be encountered in the UK. From rainforests to the African savannah, the Eden Project brings the flora of the globe together for the viewing pleasure of the public.

Taking a trip on the MS Olympia | Newmarket Holidays

Newmarket HolidaysNewmarket Holidays offers a wide range of holiday cruises; the price of a cruise with this company is inclusive of full-board (with breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, supper and evening snacks) as well  as a cocktail party, a lavish ‘farewell’ dinner, evening entertainment, and return coach transfers to the cruise ship.

The ship, named MS Olympia, consists of forty nine cabins, spread across two large decks. Inside most of these cabins, you’ll find a wardrobe, a chair, a table, a private bathroom and twin beds, which can be converted into sofas during the day. The cabins all have a bright and airy feel to them, due to the large windows, and are tided on a daily basis by a steward. The price of the cabin will depend on its deck and location.

Newmarket Holidays is famed for their excellent customer service, and the staff on board this cruise ship go out of their way to make sure that those on board have a thoroughly enjoyable holiday. Wherever you happen to be – relaxing on deck, sipping on a drink at the bar, or dining in the restaurant – you’ll be greeted by a friendly staff member.

It’s traditional for the Captain to host a cocktail party to welcome the passengers onto the ship. This event provides people with the opportunity to get to know the other holidaymakers, and the crew, in a relaxed, informal setting. Towards the end of the cruise, a farewell dinner is held. This is an evening event, during which you’ll get to enjoy a spectacular feast, and a musical performance. If you’d like to make your cruise holiday even more fun, you can also purchase an Anniversary, Gift or Birthday package. These packages are made up of things like flowers, chocolates, wine and fruit baskets, and are an ideal way to celebrate a special occasion while you’re on board.

As well as the crew and Captain, you will also be looked after by a cruise manager. These professionals are there to make sure that every aspect of your cruise experience is perfect, from the moment you step on board, till the day you return home. In addition to taking care of things on board, the cruise manager accompanies the passengers on the shore excursions, guiding them as they explore the local attractions.

Why customers remain loyal to Newmarket Holidays | Newmarket Holidays

Newmarket Holidays is a leading UK tour operator that offers a wide variety of air-inclusive and coach-inclusive trips, ranging from visits within the British Isles to overseas holidays to India, China and North America. With a reputation for being one of the best companies of its kind in the country, it’s no surprise that Newmarket Holidays has won so many awards and accolades over the years.

It was named as a winner at the British Travel Awards two years in a row; in 2011, for being the best tour operator for coach holidays, and in 2012, for being the best tour operator for holidays to the Italian peninsula. This year looks set to be just as successful for Newmarket Holidays as it has already been nominated for five categories in the British Travel Awards. Those who are familiar with Newmarket Holidays and their services, and would like to support the company by voting for it, can do so on the British Travel Awards website.

Newmarket Holidays

In recent times, the staff at Newmarket Holidays have added several extra tours, including Puglia, Lake Bled and Corsica, to their range of holidays. They also offer a selection of winter-friendly breaks to many of Europe’s most magical Christmas markets. All of these tours are readily available, in addition to Newmarket Holidays existing tours to far off destinations like India, Vietnam and Austria.

Newmarket Holidays has been serving as a tour operator for thirty years now, and in this time, has developed a very loyal customer base. Those who use its services return time and time again, as they know that Newmarket Holidays will always provide them with an amazing holiday that offers exceptional value for money. Newmarket Holidays staff understand how important it is for their customers to have a relaxing and affordable break, and so do their utmost to take care of every last detail of their tours, making the travel experience as effortless and enjoyable as possible for their customers.

Itineraries are planned down to the very last detail, but always include some free time for customers to wander around, and explore the sights of the destination on their own. Moreover, Newmarket Holidays staff also makes sure that they choose only the very best accommodation and transport providers. This consistently high level of service and reliability is why Newmarket Holidays customers remain unwaveringly loyal.


Newmarket Holidays – Offering a pain-free experience when finding a holiday

One of the fundamental features of the way in which Newmarket Holidays operates is that the company strives to deliver excellent customer service. This is certainly evident in respect of the holidays themselves. For example, on all of its various coach, rail, air and cruise holidays, Newmarket Holidays provides the services of a Newmarket Holidays Tour Manager who stays with the customers for the duration of the holiday. This Tour Manager is much more than a ‘rep’. He or she is able to offer useful insights into the destination in question, and is trained to have a high degree of knowledge to help bring the destination to life. The Tour Manager is also on hand to offer practical assistance to travellers and to generally enhance the holiday experience for the many customers of Newmarket Holidays.

Newmarket Holidays

A very useful way of finding out about the various products Newmarket Holidays offers is through the company’s website . The website is very clearly organised to enable customers to navigate it easily. An easy-to-understand menu bar enables customers to scroll through the holidays on offer according to category. Newmarket Holidays has clearly taken care to ensure that the title of each individual holiday provides a clear indication of what is involved. Clicking on an individual holiday then allows the potential customer to read further information about the product in question. Newmarket Holidays is extremely clear about what the price includes. Newmarket Holidays also provides a detailed day-by-day itinerary, including details of any optional excursions. The benefit of this to the customer is to ensure that he or she does not then receive any unwelcome ‘surprises’ when on holiday. Customers are able to make an extremely well-informed booking decision. Newmarket Holidays also sends printed brochures to customers on request.

Newmarket Holidays aims to make its booking process as simple as possible. For added security, the company uses World Pay for online bookings. Newmarket Holidays has also ensured that the actual online booking form is not needlessly complicated. The company recognises that some customers will prefer to make their booking over the telephone rather than online. The company has a dedicated Booking Hotline open from Monday to Friday 9am-6pm, and on Saturday 9am-4pm.


Book Your Students onto a Study Experience Trip with Newmarket Holidays

Learning doesn’t just have to take place in the classroom. Often, getting out there and learning first-hand can be a valuable experience for students. Newmarket Holidays offers a range of Study Experience Trips specifically designed with school and college students in mind.

Newmarket Holidays’ Study Experiences team is one of the UK’s leading providers of educational trips, and has been organising student tours for over 15 years. An educational trip can allow students to get out of the classroom and explore somewhere new, as well as participating in a curriculum-led programme. Newmarket Holidays offers trips for students of all ages, whether they are in primary school or studying for their A-Levels.

Newmarket Holidays has a wide selection of tours to choose from no matter what the subject or the age group. Geography and History students can explore the Great Wall of China up close, and Art students can take in Gaudi’s Barcelona or the galleries of Paris. Business students can experience the non-stop world of New York’s large corporations.

Newmarket Holidays prides itself on providing affordable travel arrangements alongside quality customer service. Schools looking to book an educational tour with Newmarket Holidays can expect to pay from £39 per student depending on the size of the party, the location and the age group of the students.

For all Newmarket Holidays’ educational trips, safety is a priority. A detailed Safety Management System is employed and 24-hour office support is provided throughout the trip. Newmarket Holidays’ Study Experiences section holds a Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge, demonstrating its commitment to student safety.

Newmarket Holidays offers discounts for teachers who book repeat trips, and also has a Teacher Loyalty Scheme that offers additional benefits and rewards.

Newmarket HolidaysHaving been operating for 30 years, Newmarket Holidays is experienced in providing customers with affordable travel arrangements whether they are travelling as a group, as a couple or solo. All fees are protected by ABTA bonds and ATOL licences, and so customers can be assured that they are in safe hands. Schools looking for more information on educational trips from Newmarket Holidays can visit the website or contact one of their experienced Programme Managers.